Disapproval on Racial Violence In Amazon’s ‘THEM’

Disapproval on Racial Violence In Amazon's ‘THEM’

Disapproval on Racial Violence In Amazon’s ‘THEM’

The trailer for Amazon’s new series “THEM” isn’t sitting well with some people. So they’re making sure executive producer Lena Waithe knows it. More inside…

Amazon’s new horror anthology series titled “THEM” was recently released & folks aren’t here for scenes of graphic, “racial violence”. And EMMY winning writer Lena Waithe — who executive produced two episodes — is receiving backlash for it.

The Los Angeles Times described the shocking scenes in the series as “more realistic scenes of racist violence; which are arguably more disturbing than the vivid images in its recent predecessors”. The series tells the story of racism in America’s suburban neighborhoods in the 1950s.

The trailer is def giving Jordan Peele Get Out vibes, combining social commentary with horror movies; but this show may have missed the mark.

Catch the trailer below:

THEM — Official Trailer | Prime Video

While Lena only executive produced two episodes, she has been receiving a lot of backlash on social media. Criticizing her for scenes that depict racial violence. The EMMY winner was accused of creating “Black trauma porn”, which her film Queen & Slim was brought up in discussions.

Little Marvin — who created the series — is not fond of his work being compared to Jordan Peele’s. Here’s what he told The Grio:

“That part, yes, helped me to know that there is a space for it, helped me to know that there is a massive Black horror audience who is ready for stories, who will show up for stories like this. That part, absolutely,” he said. “My inspirations were way, way, way back. I mean, from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The films of that time were hugely influential in my mind. Everything from The Exorcist” to “The Shining, these were my favorite movies of all time so I really wanted to pay homage to those.”

“I think what I would say about the time that we’re in, & the sort of similarities is that; I look forward to a day where the sandbox has been so even that we’re all in the sandbox and there’s so many of us & so many of our stories that those comparisons don’t get made anymore. You know, there are a thousand stories; that center white folks that come out every day that are interchangeable in my mind,” he continues.

“No one ever draws those parallels, but you have three Black things in four years and it’s sort of a war. So, again, like in the way that Lena Waithe opened the door, for me, my hope is that with this project, I can kick the door open. If we can have a flood of Black voices in this space, that question will never have to get asked.”

“I think we set out to make a show that was an emotional rollercoaster and it was very much rooted in truth. I’m not interested in cardboard cut-outs. I’m interested in all of our complexity and all of our nuance and all of our flaws. And so I wanted to be unafraid of exploring that,” he says.

“Will everyone go on that journey? Maybe not. But I hope that the journey is rewarding enough that the folks who stick to it are going to feel rewarded by having gone on that journey with us.”

Disapproval on Racial Violence On Twitter

Have you watched? “THEM” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. What do you think about the horror series? Browse through some of the Twitter reactions & backlash below :

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