Snowfall Season 4 Finale

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Snowfall Season 4 Finale

Snowfall Season 4 Finale


So let’s get into it y’all. This finale had us on edge the entire episode. And most likely left u …. on some Keyser Söze sh*t.

It’s important to start from the beginning, remember how Franklin got started because this season of Snowfall, and particularly the finale, is largely about how much he’s changed and how this business has grown into something that creates its own side effects, no matter how much Franklin tries to remain in complete control. This season began with a drug war, and spiraled out of control from there.

Franklin’s been holding on for dear life while trying to protect those closest to him.

So how did we get here? “Fight Or Flight” goes back to the beginning, or at least near it. The episode starts with a flashback of Alton when he was an active Black Panther. We are seeing the revolutionary foundational set up as it is setting the militant visual up, for deeper story telling.

It’s a small scene, but it works to establish that Franklin’s anti-authority streak has always been there; thus, his initial hopes of empowering his community in the face of systemic issues are deeply rooted. Also, this gives us a deeper understanding of Alton. He’s often soft-spoken, almost docile depending on your perception, but this scene sets the stage for his blow-up later in the episode. One that (presumably) leads to his death; one of the more satisfying bit of character work in an episode full of them.

Going Back To Alton As A Black Panther

The memory showed Alton being called to Franklin’s school to address why he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance. Without hesitation, Alton let the teachers know he told Franklin not to stand for the flag and then assured them Franklin would not be returning to school. The flashback concluded with Alton telling Franklin that he’d always love him and support him, no matter what.

Fast-forward to present day: Franklin is desperately trying to find Alton before Reed does. While asking his mom about Alton’s whereabouts, she reiterates the same sentiments Alton told Franklin years ago.

But Franklin wasn’t the only one desperation mode. After Skully found out about Khadijah’s death, all he saw was red. The scene showing past clips of Khadijah’s character asking “would you forgive if it was me?”

Skully dropped the “holier than thou” act and reverted back to his gang-banging ways after both his daughter and girlfriend were murdered at the hands of Franklin and his crew. So, now he’ll stop at nothing until someone pays.

Meanwhile, Alton refused to back down from the CIA or Franklin, but his crusade for justice only made things worse.

Alton went on the radio to reveal more information about the CIA, even going as far as releasing Teddy’s alias (Reed Thompson). Reed, of course, was listening and he LOST IT! Reed called Franklin to get his father under control, but knowing Reed’s temper, it would only be a matter of time before he took matters into his own hands.

Franklin still couldn’t locate Alton, so he decided to shut down his shelter until people started talking.

Alton said he wouldn’t stop until Franklin set up a meeting for him with Reed. His purpose? To kill Reed and hopefully put a stop to the drugs that were tearing his neighborhood apart. Franklin refused, because he believed it would only cause more drama with the CIA. Their conversation is cut short when Skully breaks in looking for Franklin. Alton then ends up shooting Skully — Skully shoots him back, then makes his escape.

Franklin offers to take Alton to the hospital, but he refuses. Alton then tries to explain that all this bloodshed has become too normal for Franklin, saying that Franklin doesn’t truly understand what has happened to not only him, but the community he’s serving. Franklin ignores it, so Alton hits him over the head, renders him unconscious, and steals Franklin’s pager to get Reed’s info.

When Alton finally came face-to-face with Reed, he went on a rant explaining how this entire situation is Reed’s fault and part of the underlying plan for “the man” to keep Black people oppressed. Reed countered the argument, revealing that it was Franklin’s idea to sell the drugs in the first place.

Franklin shows up with his mother.

He tries to play peacemaker, but neither Alton nor Reed are listening. After Alton, Reed, and now Franklin draw their guns on each other, Cissy jumps in the middle to talk everyone down. She eventually convinces Alton that she’ll run away with him to Cuba if he stops this and tells Reed he’ll never have to see them again if he lets them go.

And if you thought Skully was going to give up that easily…you’ haven’t been watching closely enough. Still looking for Franklin, Skully decided to show up at the hospital where Louie was recovering from her gunshot wound.

Skully threatened to kill Louie if she or Jerome didn’t give up Franklin’s whereabouts. While he was doing this, Louie talked Skully down, admitting that killing them wouldn’t end the cycle, it would just cause more bloodshed between their families. He started to lower his gun, and Jerome took that as a sign to tackle him to the ground. Jerome noticed Skully was already a little weak, because he was bleeding out from being previously shot by Alton. Skully ultimately dies on the hospital floor.

Shoutout to these beautiful black women (Cissy and Louie) for keeping these intense situations under control & being the SHEroes they truly are.

Meanwhile, Alton and Cissy didn’t waste any time hopping on a plane to Cuba.

Alton tried one last time to tell Franklin how much he loves him and how he’s trying to do what’s best, but Franklin was still feeling bitter about Alton’s choices. Saying goodbye to his mom was the hardest for him, because she’s been his rock from the beginning. But after shedding a few tears, they said their goodbyes, and Cissy headed off to Cuba with Alton.

Back in Gustavo’s neck of the woods, he found out he’s about to be introduced to a few changes as well.

Snowfall Season 4 Finale

If you remember, Reed was fired after news about his CIA involvement and the drug-pushing went public. Reed told Franklin he’d be set up with a replacement soon. His replacement would also be working with Gustavo. Reed’s former CIA colleague came to inform Gustavo about the replacement, as well as give him an update on Lucia. They finally tracked her down, making me hopeful that she might return for Season 5.

But that wasn’t the only good news. Louie was finally released from the hospital.

Louie and Jerome returned to the club after Louie was released from the hospital. Franklin welcomed them back with smiles and open arms, but they were dancing to a different tune. Louie and Jerome told Franklin that they wanted to do business for themselves, because they didn’t like what Franklin’s business turned into. They were willing to still buy the product from him at a higher price, but they’d form their own crew and ultimately distribute the product themselves.

Franklin was devastated, but Louie and Jerome wouldn’t back down.

Snowfall Season 4 Finale

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Leon was ready to leave the game too.

Leon hasn’t been the same since he accidentally killed Khadijah’s daughter. It’s been weighing on him, then seeing them kill Khadijah made it even worse. Leon opened up to Franklin, admitting that he doesn’t think he can be a part of this drug game anymore. Franklin refused to accept it, because he felt like Leon owed him after everything Franklin did to keep him safe/alive.

So, he basically told Leon that that wasn’t going to happen and that he would get Louie and Jerome together too, so that they could “be a family again.”

Later, we get a look at Alton and Cissy’s new life in Cuba, but it isn’t all rainbows and smiles.

Snowfall Season 4 Finale

We see Cissy standing in the hallway, smiling from ear to ear, as she watches Alton sleep. Something about that smile felt a little too jolly to me, because next thing you know, she tells Alton she’s headed into town for the next hour, and then Reed just so happened to show up. Alton was surprised, but wasn’t really fazed. He put his book down and awaited his fate.

Finally, the season ends with Franklin reuniting with his old love Mel.

Franklin pays Mel a visit after realizing long ago that she ratted him out to Irene. He let her know that Irene was dead and that if she had anything else she wanted to get off her chest, she should do it now, because the next time he wouldn’t be so nice. Mel, a little shaken, asked Franklin to admit that he killed her father, but he didn’t admit it.

THEN, to everyone’s surprise, Franklin walked away, PAUSED, placed his cane down, and WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM WITHOUT A LIMP! I think it’s fair to say the cane is staying in Season 4! I mean, I personally cannot wait.. like let’s go and please add 10 more episodes… if it’s not too much to ask.

Damson said this about the finale final moment:

“That Keyser Söze moment was really special,” he told TVLine, admitting that the scene reminded him of the final moments of The Usual Suspects. “The biggest thing for viewers was, ‘When are we going to get back to Franklin being well?’”….

“He doesn’t need anyone to see him as being vulnerable anymore. He doesn’t need to be 10 steps ahead anymore. Now he can just focus on the business. He realises in that moment that he’s come full circle. That’s why it was special putting down that cane.”

Wheww, what an incredibly intense season! Great job to the cast and writers, job very well executed.

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Me to Reed #SnowfallFX

— ✈️ (@ClubAntt) April 22, 2021

Snowfall is written so good it has me rooting for the cia instead of a black panther🚶🏾‍♀️

— Ry (@rArtemis37) April 22, 2021

But…Jerome YOU killed Skully girl. And LEON killed Skully kid. And Franklin only killed Manboy to cover for… #SnowfallFX

— Openly Black (@jaelyndashiell) April 22, 2021

Alton lowkey snapped with that White Supremacy speech

Reed was like huh??? Me??? White oppressor???

Yeah fam YOU 😂😂#Snowfall #SnowfallFX

— Jay 🎋💰🇯🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@TeeJThaRealest) April 22, 2021

yea next season she gonna leave him for a bih. 😂

— Hal Robinson (@halrob381) April 22, 2021

Not everyone’s built for it. #SnowfallFX

— Snowfall (@SnowfallFX) April 22, 2021

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What I expect from no cane Franklin next season whenever it drop. #SnowfallFX

— antihero (@ReellyJames) April 22, 2021

Maybe Leon, Skully and Mel can all go in together & open up a new house of worship called the Rehab, Reform & Resurrection Church of God in El Segundo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @SnowfallFX

— Adam D Smith (@KingAdRock) April 22, 2021

I love how well written the females of Snowfall are written.

Strong, smart, black, and beautiful.

Louie and Cissy are amazing to watch and the writers of #SnowfallFX haven’t dropped the ball once.

Excellence in every episode, ever scene, every second.

Until Season 5 🥂

— D 🏁 (@dvrlxx) April 22, 2021

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How Franklin left his cane on Mel’s ass. #snowfall #SnowfallFX

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Franklin, Alton and Reed #SnowfallFX

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Franklin mom walked away like #SnowfallFX

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Snowfall cast and writers UNDERSTOOD the assignment this season, can’t wait for S5☝🏾☺️#SnowfallFX

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This is exactly how Franklin looked at Leon and told him “we gone be a family”😭😭😭 #Snowfallfx

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Mel: “Tell Me You Killed My Father & That I’m Not Crazy”#SnowfallFX


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Louie & Cissy yes they made millions due to Franklin Saint but Leon didn’t make millions he barely had 75,000 hide at his momma house & didn’t have a sudden supply of Coco to make it he had the projects & then lost it after hiding out thanks to Saint for like a week or 2 & Jerome

— Remarri (@RemarriGreen) April 22, 2021

Jerome and Louie getting greedy. They both know they don’t want to make an enemy of Franklin. He smart and ruthless 💯

— flameuture (@flameuture) April 22, 2021

Everything right but the plug its Gustavo till the new CIA guy comes & Jerome just wants to buy straight up he’s used to being the boss the lil big dog just like he was when he sold Weed & he’s tired of feeling like a role player to his Nephew

— Remarri (@RemarriGreen) April 22, 2021

— Bιg’ shadow 𓅓 (@Im_obiora) April 22, 2021

I see some people said as soon as they saw the book they knew , Teddy was there , really as soon as they showed Cuba the place where the U.S.



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